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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


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Friday, March 7, 2008

dogoncouchs herblore guide

cheap method
1. getting the herbs.
2. obtaining second ingredients
3. conserving money
4. making money from leveling
5. selling potions

fast and expensive method
1. obtaining herbs
2. buying second ingredients
3. faster lvling and techniques
4. making money from higher lvl herblore
5. selling potions & selling potions in bulk

cheap and slow method
1. getting the herbs.
if you do not have much money then you are probably worrying about how hard it will be to lvl up you skills, but what you may have not realised that some skills can repay you with what you spend on you herbs some tips: */ if you have high farming you can try to grow your own herbs while you are making the potions. remember mixing the potions together will take a while, so why not plant some ranarrs and check up on them occasionally? you can buy ranarr seeds 20k each at seers bank ( or 28-30k off forums) you can merchant with this stratagie later on in your gaming. */ if you do not have money for the seeds than you can always rely on al-kharid warriors,druids (lvl33)
and chaos druids(lvl 13). the law running world in world 66 is a great place to support transportation when getting herbs from creatures. bring 27 unnoted essence to the law altar and trade them to someone wearing zammy robes and law tiara to recieve 27 noted essence and 27 laws. chaos druids are my best reccomendation they are in the travery dungeon.
2.obtaining second ingredients
second ingredients are usually very expensive. but with the simple task of obtaining them youself you will safe you loads of money and even make you money when you turn around and sell the potions. you can get snape grass behind the crafting guild and then tele to fally with a teletab if you have the time to make some. you can obtain chocolate bars and dust at the grand tree from the drink ingredient seller and the food ingredient seller ( 20 bars and 14 dust i think is maxed out shop) the bars and dust are really cheap like 6gp ea if i am not mistaken and requires quite a bit of world hopping to get large quantities. i think i got around 1k choco dust in about an hour. you can get limpwurt roots from hobgoblins. and you can obtain red spider eggs from varrock sewers near the lvl (??) spiders and the 4 moss giants (near the end of it or near the agiltiy tunnel in edgeville sewers near the slayer taskmaster).
3.conserving money
using this cheap method preserves money because you are not spending mils on the ingredients. if you do not feel like you have the time for getting the ingredients with these slower methods than you can always hire lower lvls who are not fully aware of the market prices. so you can higher a noob to run to the red spider eggs and sell you them for about 50-100 each (they are like 400 ea i think on forums) don't rely on noobs as your source of money, because once they realise the full price of the items they are getting they most likely won't stay loyal to you. if you have friends that are alching and such they can run ingredients to the bank while alching so they can help you out without wasting too much of their time. this saves you time because then you have much more time because you do not have to bank.
4.making money from lvling
you can make money the cheap way because you do not spend money on the ingredients. with this money you can buy ingredients which will make it speed up. you may not be able to buy a lot. so if you like to get snape grass, then use the money on ranarrs so you can get snape grass which you may find easier this way. with this money you can pay noobs more for getting you ingredients or you can pay people to run herbs to bank while you are killing druids and such. what i like to do is get a few trusted friends that like to help you with stuff and have them follow you to druids and they can help get herbs and you can give them some of your herbs if you get a full load first.
5.selling potions
selling potions is the most important and dire part of herblore. it is vital that you know the appropriate locations to sell the potions you mix. here are the best locations to sell your potions: */ selling prayer potions 8k-9k (3 dose) at edgeville. sell super sets at edgeville (un aware of price) but just make sure you get more for them or the equal amount to what you spent on them or what you feel you deserve for your work. selling energy potions and super energy potions at areas where people like to run constantly, such as world 66 draynor bank (law rush world) the people will pay around 1.2k each for the normal energy potions (helps to sell 4 dose energy pots) you can also sell energy pots in areas that people craft runes(usually they prefer super energy to preserve room). selling potions on the forums is usually the best idea then you get a large range of people who need the potions and they may be desperate, but potions such as prayer potions you may get less for on the forums because of the amount of competance of other potion sellers.

fast and expensive method
1.obtaining herbs
you can buy herbs off the forums from merchants or farmers which usually are very expensive, or you could stand in banks such as al-kharid bank and say "effect:effect:buying all ranarrs 6.5k each or best offer. // this way is the best way of getting herbs cheaply, but if you have money you can always get money from sellers for around $3.5 a mil and just buy the herbs for a couple hundred more coins each herb which saves a lot of time.
2.buying second ingredients
if you are willing to spend money on these highly overpriced second ingredients (my opinion)
then you can buy these off the forums or where they are obtained from people who get them therselves. snapes in fally west bank, whiteberries in edgeville or androugne, red spider eggs in varrock east, fungi in mortania or varrock east, limpwurts in varrock, fally or androugne. potato cactus in al-kharid, wine of zammy in fally and janger berries in yanille or seers.
3.faster lvling and techniques
buying ingredients in bulk is the easiest way to lvl up herblore. some tips where to mix the potions are in areas that are popular for the ingredients you want. such as if you are making prayer potions make them in al-kharid or seers bank while typing (auto-or not) "buying all ranarrs 6.5k ea or 7k ea" depends on what you are willing to spend. *// i doubt you will need auto typer because of the new do>x options in the potion mixing so you can type inbetween intervals. if you have all the ingredients you want then i would suggest making the potions in areas where people by them, such as edgeville bank if you are making super sets or pray pots. then you can sell as you make them.
4.making money (from higher lvl herblore)
you used to be able to make loads and loads of cash off of unids, because you could buy herbs 1k each and identify them and turn around and sell the herbs for like 5k each. i really miss unids but there are still ways you can make money. people will pay you for higher lvl potions because they do not have the sufficient lvl so you can make money easy off of a higher lvl herblore from mixing a few potions which is really easy. or what is really cool is you can get free xp from the new assist others. people will be glad to make their potions while supplying you with the experience, who knows they may even tip you.
5. selling potions in bulk
selling potions in bulk is not highly suggested because you will miss out on a lot of money, but if you want to save time and get money to continue herblore then you can sell in bulk to merchants for a little less per potion. they have extra time on their hands so why not. also you can give to a friend that has spare time so you are giving one of your friends the easy merchant instead of it going to some stanger. herblore can get you a lot of friends, you will stand out in a clan when you can make everyone their super sets and super restores and such. making mass friends such as in a clan can make you loads of cash from gifts. say you give someone super sets then they pk a whip with them, they will most likely give you a portion. or in a clan on your birthday everyone will remember to return the favor and supply you with some pretty cool gifts. i got full veracs from a clan member once because i gave him potions a lot.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

F2P Strength pure guide

You are on your main account. You are an average lvl 80, with full rune and a dragon long. You get bored of picking flax one day, and decide to venture into the wilderness, for a change of pace. Out of nowhere, a level 75 in monk robes approaches you. lol?you think to yourself, he doesn't look very dangerous. He asks you, they wanna fight??pure, why not??you say. ok?he says. He then pulls out a dds, and so do you. The lvl 75 puts his hand to his mouth twice, and then specs you. 28-28. How the?!?? You quickly eat a shark, healing 20 damage. He attacks again, 16-20. You quickly devour another shark. You try and drink an anti-poison, for he has poisoned you. You drink it and then he hits you for a third time. He only has to slash his dagger across your rune platebody once though, for you have very little hp left. He kills you with another 16. WHAT THE!! he says as you fall to the floor. How did that happen?? You add him and say, whats your strength level???94?He replies. how?? uhh, train it a lot, lol?You stare at the screen blankly. How could this guy, a level 75, have 94 strength?? You are level 80 and your strength is only level 65. yes, I know, but how such high str at lvl 75?you reply, Im a pure.? That is what many players first encounters with pures look like.

(Taken from a Runescape Official forums guide)

So this is basically what a pure is. Low defence, moderate attack, and high strength. I will teach you how to make a Stength Pure today.

First off, make a new account. In the tutorial island get 3 strength sand attack. Once off, if you have a main account, get your pure iron,black,mith,addy, and rune scimitars. Get full iron armor. Now train your strength to around 30 at cows. The best spot is the crafting guild south west of falador. Train your attack to 30 then go to the monks northwest of barbarian village. get 45 strength and 40 attack. Now you have two choices.

a) get your strength up to 50 or 55.
b) get your mage and range up.

for option A just stay at monks. When your done go to option B

for option B you may be wondering, "But If I get my range and mage up my combat level would go up." WRONG! as long as you have higher strength (Generally) mage and range wont affect your combat level. Use a combat calculator if your worried.

First buy Regular-willow short bows, buy around 1k iron arrows. Start ranging at level 1 or 2 rats until level 20 or 25. Then head to the monks again. Get 40 range then go buy yourself some Green D'Hide Chaps and Vamps. This is the best defence against mage/range pures.

Next you can either get hit points or dont. No matter what, get 3 magic from wind strike. If you want to use normal attack spells until level 25 magic, wearing full blue wizard robes. Or if you dont want hit points just grab your full iron, a earth or water staff and buy mind runes and earth or water depending on your staff. Now go to the varrock manhole and go straight north. Do not go where a zombie is in a room. you should end up where there is a river blocking skeletons from you. Start Confusing, Cursing and the other spell until level 25. Now you can teleport to varrock. This will be usefull in sticky situations.

If you didnt get 55 strength before, get it now.

Your stats should be

40 attack
55 strength
1 defence
40 range
25 mage

Congratulations you can now pk good. Grab some iron and green vamps and chaps. Maybe a wizard hat. Grab a amulet and a rune scimmy. If you want to bring a rune 2hander for a K0. Grab 1 or 2 strength pots.Go to edgevile or varrock, and start attacking someone you think you can take on. when there around 10-15 hp pull out your rune 2hander if you brand it and hopefully K0 them. If not pull out your rune scimmy again.

Now there is another option.

Get your prayer to level 31 for ultimate strength or possible 34 for the attack boost, so you can cut through rune.

Get your strength up to 60 then try pking again. then from there out get your strength up. For extra damage you can also get your magic to 59 for an occasional fire blast.

Thats it for now I guess, Thanks for Reading ^^